It’s time to think differently and get ahead of the competition. My Business Page will provide you with a one page website that is tailored to showcase you and your business online.

Stand out from the crowd and make your business thrive online.

An example can be seen at: My Business Page Demo Website

Product Description

For complete ease, we have designed The VIP package. Not only will you receive My Business Page designed website, but this package will also include:

  • The purchase and setting up of your domain and hosting for the first year (£9.99 per month thereafter).
  • The management and co-ordination of your website software package.
  • An integrated blog.
  • Email opt-in
  • A consultation on how to create / promote your blog and add or remove information to your business page website.
  • A direct contact to a dedicated project manager in the support team who will be available to help you with any ongoing queries.

Your website will have the layout options of the My Business Page homepage.


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